Tamy talks to…Alejandro


“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

-Bob Marley-


Hey there!
I have decided that my blog should be available in both, German and English, so right now I am still working on the translation of my first articles.

Today I want to tell the story of Alejandro.
I met him in Havanna.
Or actually it wasn’t meeting someone, like you meet people in Europe. He just appeared from somewhere.
David, Pablo and I were strolling around the streets looking for something to do. We had just finished Dinner and didn’t have any plans for the evening yet.
As always in the streets of Havanna we met some Amigos.
I don’t really know how it always comes down to this, but we ended up being quite a big group, singing together -Cuba.

Someone with a guitar joined us and soon we also had some rappers and salsa dancers.
Then I saw someone walking towards to our group. He wore a shirt with a jamaican flag and had dread locks.
He actually caught my attention, because he had a funny way to move.
The man walked like Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp as a pirate). Also the way he looked at us, was so much like Jack Sparrow, that I couldn’t believe it. His facial expressions were so strong that I first thought he made fun of himself.
It turned out he didn’t.
He just moved different than all the other Cubans that I’ve seen.
Then he started to sing. But he didn’t join the song that we sang at that moment, he started to sing “Get Up, Stand Up”.

And honestly I have never heard a better Bob Marley imitation.
To me it sounded even better than Marley himself.
Maybe it was the warm Cuban night and all of us together making music that made it so special.
At some point he grabbed the shirt he had around his hip and explained proudly that this was the uniform he had to wear for work.
Alejandro works for some company that provides Cuba with electricity, and he believes that he has been given a great power being able to provide the people with light.
He passed his shirt around and everyone had to touch the old grey material.
I have never seen a person that was so happy about the own job.
When he talked about it, it sounded like he was having the perfect job.
That he didn’t get paid very well (which he admitted), didn’t really bother him.
I don’t know if that was because he drank already a whole lot of “El material ” (Rum, that is in small cans, called “planchidos” and stronger than Tequila) or if he was just a happy soul.
I like to believe that he is happy.


The whole time he kept on explaining how much he admired Bob Marley and proud he was that the T-Shirt he was wearing showed the Jamaican flag.
Then he told us about his biggest dream.

Alejandro, 40 years old, dreams about writing Bob Marleys mother an email.

He wanted to thank her for raising a man such as Bob Marley and he wanted to wish her all the best and tell her that he was praying for her. That she had given the world so much no one could even come close. He wanted to explain her how much his music and his talent had saved his life and made it so much better.
He had already planned the last sentence: God bless you.
That was the cutest thing that I have ever heard.
And suddenly I felt a bit weird. I think it was shame. I was ashamed of being so ignorant and wanting too much, instead of being very thankful for the small things.

When we dream, we dream very big.
We dream of being the best at something, of earning good money and maybe also the perfect family life. We dream of spending a luxurious holiday in a 5-star- resort in Hawaii, but for none of us an email is a dream.

Surprisingly I never saw Alejandro again.
Which I thought was impossible in Havana.
But I will never forget him and I hope I can manage to dream more the way he does.
I know for him the email is a big deal, as he doesn’t have anything like a laptop- but still I think it’s dreaming in small steps and we could all learn from that sort of thinking.
Being happier would be easier, I believe.
Moreover his dream isn’t about him becoming anything more, but thanking someone else. Giving someone else a good feeling, making someone smile.
The sparkle in his eyes when he thought about his dream really touched my heart, and not only me but also my european friends still think about him a lot. Not because of his outstanding way of moving and acting, or his talent. But because of his way of thinking.

That was it for today.
I will translate this article into German very soon.
You will hear from me!


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