Nationality: Human; Country: This World

I have a lot of conversations about my origins.
Yes, I do have a German passport and I could have a French one.
Still I am also Polish and Sri Lankan.
But I am none of these.At least I don’t feel like any of this. I don’t wake up and think to myself: Hey today you’re pretty German!
People have asked me if I was Spanish, Cuban, Turkish,Brazilian,Egyptian, Uzbek or even Russian.
I guess I look I could be anything but from Northern Europe.
The point is: I don’t care.
I don’t feel connected to anyone when I see the French flag.
I can laugh about all of them but also feel with them-not because of my nationality or influences, but because I am human.

When people ask me what I am, I sigh.
They are not ready for me to say: I don’t care, I am human.
Also they are not ready for me to say, where I come from isn’t who I am.
They don’t like when I simply say I am a mix of everything, because they are really interested in the details.And I see that this is also kind of nice.
So I start to explain:
I was born and raised in Germany. But I don’t feel German. My second mother tongue is French. My mum is from Paris, my dad is German. But my mum has a dark skin and her mum is from Sri Lanka and her dad from Poland….
Usually I have to repeat this, because this is too much. And then I give some time to swallow this information.
Then I go on and explain:
I have my green eyes from my fathers side and my tan obviously because of my mum.
My family lives all over the place- and I don’t mean all over the place in Germany, but in the whole world.
Then I end by saying: I don’t really  know. I am human.
And then they accept it.


3 thoughts on “Nationality: Human; Country: This World

  1. I wish more people would realize that we are all humans, careless of any nation, religion, color and sexual orientation.

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