10 Things To Remember When Going To The Beach

It is summer again and that means it’s beach time!
Aren’t we all sooo ready for this?
Luckily all I need to do is going to my usual train station, taking the F-train (best train ever!) and I’ll be at the beach in no time.
So of course I am doing this (we are having 83°F in New York right now).
But a trip to the beach needs to be planned, we don’t want to end up without bikini or towel do we?

IMG_9670I admit that this isn’t really the perfect beach weather, but it was still beautiful and so impressive! Shot in Cuba!

  1. Very obvious:
    Pack your swimwear and two towels ( one should be bigger so you can lie there without half of your body in the sand).
    Also remember fresh underwear when you don’t want to have wet imprints on your shorts or dress later.

    my sister and I at a beach-sadly the weather wasn’t too great that day
  2. Choose the right suncream ( and actually use it).
  3. The right suncream does make a difference, because yes we all know how annoying suncream is but we could make it less painful by buying spray that doesn’t leave us all white and sticky.
    And we all know why we need to use suncream, so let’s just skip the speech about cancer and red skin. Don’t forget to reapply after a couple of hours!
    Also remember your sunglasses

    thats what happens when I try to be fancy😂
  4. Drinks!And by drinks I don’t mean the vodka that somehow survived last night. I am talking about water or iced tea or maybe juice. Whatever keeps your body hydrated ( alcohol doesn’t do that). We get more dehydrated than we would expect, so also take a sip when you don’t actually feel thirsty. Feeling dizzy isn’t that much fun.
  1. IMG_5471
  2. The right shoes are very important too.
    We don’t want our favorite wild leather pair to be full of sand and our feet all hot.
    Usually I am not too much of a flipflop fan but they are simply perfect for the beach. And if you have trouble convincing yourself to wear flip-flops then at least go for sandals instead of ruining your new nike run shoes.IMG_7300
    This is how I wrecked my 5§ flip-flops in Cuba. After the artist from “El Ojo del Ciclon” repaired them they ha actually a better quality than before. But it didn’t make them any nicer:D
  3. Choose the right time.
    It is a well-known fact that hitting the beach at 12pm isn’t the best of all ideas. So maybe you can go in the morning and grab a bite at lunchtime or maybe you come in the afternoon. Another plus is that you can enjoy the sunset too. Which leads me to my next point…IMG_4897
  4. Mosquito protection!
    You never know what might happen. I know that I am usually the first to tell you that being not completely organized has many advantages but I can’t think of one advantage of mosquito bites. And maybe you decide to spend the evening at the beach, so be prepared and pack your mosquito protection and maybe also a jacket for when it gets colder.
  5. FOOD.
    The food they sell at the beach is most of the time not only unhealthy but also not really ideal for hot weather. So why don’t you pack your own lunch and snacks? Melons and crackers are so much better than fries when you’re at the beach.
    But take some cash too, the ice cream is so tempting and you can not resist when everyone else around you has some.IMG_9649.jpg
    Isn’t that soooo much sexier than some hot and soft fries with ketchup?
  6. Entertainment
    Not all of us can just lay in the sun without doing anything.
    So think of  taking a book and something like a ball or whatever games you like to play. A set of cards is small, and never hurt anyone. It’s also the ideal opportunity to catch up with some books that you had forever and wanted to read for even longer.
    Moreover our phones like to take some time off when it’s too hot so we cannot rely on the music.
    For those of you who love music maybe a guitar or a ukulele and a songbook would be a good idea ( and guarantees that you find new friends).I am sorry I  just have to quote ABBA now: “What would life be without a song or a dance what are we? ”

    Your reading project doesn’t have to be highly intellectual at the beach! You ate there to relax, not to solve the worlds problems- you are also allowed to take a day off.

  7. Find the right beach!
    Some of us like smaller beaches and some prefer stones instead of sand and some people want to go where everyone is and some want their peace and quiet. So you should plan what beach you want to go to. In general: Any beach is better than no beach. But if you have the choice, why not making it your own the perfect beach day?IMG_6909
    Last summer I was in Scotland for a couple of days. And though the weather was very Scottish ( especially when I took the picture) I found the perfect beach for me for that day! 
  8. Make sure all your valuable things are safe.
    So when you’re going for a swim, make sure that your purse isn’t just there waiting for someone to take it.
    So you don’t have to worry about anything!


So that’s already it for now.
I hope you’re having a splendid summer!

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