Saying goodbye is never easy. It doesn’t matter to what you have to say goodbye or for what reason. Goodbye always means leaving people behind without knowing what the future will bring.

Travellers have to say a lot of goodbyes. It starts with saying goodbye to the people at home. This is of course the easier part as you are going to see your beloved again as soon as you’re back home.
Still you’re leaving something behind and deciding to go on a new adventure.
Decide to leave the old and well-known souls behind for a while, to meet new ones.
When I sit there alone in the plane I often think of the wonderful people that I know at home and how I am going to miss different things about them. But that’s okay, that’s only a sign that I have people I care about.

The really sad part comes when you have to say goodbye to people that you just met but that you have shared so much with.
I had to say goodbye to a lot of people. There are some goodbyes I am okay with, and others that are really upsetting. And no matter if it’s an easier goodbye or a harder one, there’s always the question of what could have been.
I personally also tend to get melancholic.

Also I just know that some of the goodbyes are not forever. Sometimes I  know that I am going to see people again. And other times I know, that this is the last opportunity to tell people how thankful I am that we met and for everything they shared with me.
But what do I say then? What am I supposed to say when people are telling me to come back?
How likely is it, that I am going to see our driver in Kenya ever again? Or my landlords maids in Cuba?
And this is sad. All these people are special and they gave me so much by helping me feeling welcome in their country that there is a grief that can’t be spoken.
And most of all I am scared that these memories will fade.

But then, on the other hand, I’d rather say goodbye than never meeting new people at all.
This is the burden of a traveller. We have to leave a lot of beautiful things behind, not knowing if we’ll ever have the chance to see it again. That makes me probably more thankful and appreciating  everything-but it’s still not fun.

And those who never leave can never come back, right?
So how do I know today if I am not going to Cuba in five years? I do not know.
That’s a comforting thought. As a child I truly believed that I would come back for everyone. Now I know, that this is impossible, but sometimes life has strange ways of putting people together. And people always meet twice. All that’s left for me to do, is rely on that everything is happening exactly the way it’s supposed to.

So I keep on going. I keep on leaving places and saying my goodbyes, hoping for another great hug in the future- when I come back.
And sometimes I feel this humbling gratitude for how rich people have made me.


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