Why Don’t We Just Press The “Off”-Button?

Lately I have caught myself thinking: ” Oh I wish I didn’t have to respond to my phone”. Or ” I hope the battery runs out soon”.
I am thinking of turning off my phone quite often. More than ever I am sick of checking my phone, answering phone calls or messages. But then, even after ignoring it for some time, I call people back and answer their messages, I check my mail and yes, also spend some time surfing on the internet.


But the question is, why don’t I simply turn it off?
It worked more than well for me in Cuba, when it was quite hard for me to get an internet connection or to call people.
The point is, that no one was mad at me back then. It was due to technical problems that I couldn’t talk to people. Now I have no excuse for being “unsocial”.
Also, I didn’t have to text people to meet friends, I just walked through the city and met them or asked other people where they were. This doesn’t work here. If I want to socialize with people I can not just randomly walk through the streets and expect people to hang out with me.I guess people would think I am crazy.
It would be like turning off your life. Which doesn’t only sound sad, but actually IS sad.

Another point is that here I have to take care of stuff. In Cuba things work differently.
Here, I get emails instead of letters.
When Morales (my landlord) wanted to talk to me he left me a short note at my door and  waited until I came back home, instead of expecting an immediate answer.

Then there’s is also the part with the music. I listen to music all the time. I couldn’t be without it.
But if I turn off my phone the only possibility left is listening to myself, and though my shower is a big fan of my singing skills, I am not convinced. And buying an iPod when I already have a device for listening to music, is some kind of wasting money. Walking around with a radio isn’t a solution either.

But God knows, I miss the times when I had both. In Cuba I could listen to music and still I didn’t have the pressure of people expecting me to answer instantly. Without having the pressure of checking what’s going on, so I am not left behind. And still it wasn’t like I didn’t have a social life. It was more of the opposite. I actually had the time to just randomly talk to people, go and have a Mojito spontaneously and hang around at the sea. Alone or with friends.

Yes, I didn’t really know what was going on in the world, but that was okay too.
Having some time off from the (most of the time) horrible news isn’t that bad.
The first days were tough though. I was running around, trying to make my phone work just like it does in Germany. And it made me nervous when it said that I had no connection. But after the first week of being offline, it was a thing that I actually enjoyed.

Here, I hurry from one place to the other, grab a coffee -to- go, do the stuff I have to do. Barely talk to people I do not know. I don’t even think of starting a small talk with the girl in front of me, who is also super busy and waiting to finally get her coffee.
I check my phone and if plans fail I end up doing nothing. Just going out, would lead to nothing. I let everything fall when my phone is vibrating, because I am always ready for my mum to call me,knowing I have no excuse to not respond.


I know, that all of this sounds like excuses. And maybe that’s what they are. But I am working on finding a way of doing all I have and want to do, without carrying my phone with me everywhere I go. Being offline is a luxury these days.
And I remember how I felt like I was free at last, when I discovered that I forgot my phone in my apartment and I didn’t even think of going back to get it, because I was enjoying the happy times with real people.
A thing I can’t remember is, when I left my phone at home while I was in Germany.
It must be years ago. And the last time I didn’t worry about the battery is also ages ago. Sad. So very very sad.


How do you guys handle that? Do you turn your phone off very often?

I would be glad to hear about your experiences! Have a wonderful day!:)

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