9 Things To Do On A Long Flight

Yes, I do love traveling. But sometimes I would love to skip the part where I first have to get to the place.
I don’t need an endless flight and hours of sitting around. I know, it’s part of the trip, but somehow it also always feels like a waste of time.
So today I’d like to share some ideas on how to kill time on a long trip, to make it more fun.

  1. Sleep. Sleeping is NEVER a bad idea.
  2. Read some books or maybe a guide, so when you arrive you already know what you want to do first.
  3. Buy magazines and for once don’t feel guilty about reading some complete non-sense. It’s time for some good entertainment, and you can’t deny that magazines do a pretty good job on that one.
  4. Learn some basics of the language. I know, nowadays almost everyone speaks English, but it can make a lot easier when you’re able to communicate with people in their own language. Most of all it’ll make it easier to be accepted.
  5. Audiobooks!
    We all have downloaded audiobooks that we wanted to listen to so badly but who has the time, just to concentrate 9 hours on the new John Grisham Thriller?
  6. Talk to the people around you! Some of them may have already been to the place you’re going or even live there! You might get some great insider information, that can make your trip very special. And even if not, it’s always interesting to hear peoples’ stories.
  7. Get some work done. Why don’t you start writing that essay or organize the stuff that you’re going to need to enter the country?
  8. How about some “me-time”? Turn on your favorite music and draw or color in some mandalas? I know, it does sound childish, but I swear it’s super relaxing and fun too!
  9. You’re not traveling alone or you’re friends with the person next to you now?
    Why don’t you play some fun games like “City, Country, River”, “Tic, Tac, To” or something else?

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