The 4th of July-Celebrating It Right!

Yaaay it’s finally the 4th of July again!
Which is not only a good day because of all the celebration all over the U.S. but also because there are only 180 days left until the year is over.
So what do Americans celebrate on Independence Day?
The Declaration of Independence.
After the Declaration of Independence the first thirteen states, decided to build one nation and also to be independent from the British Empire.

But whatever, we all know that. I guess nowadays the young people mostly care about the festivities.So today I want to share some fun activities for this special holiday.

1.Independence Day Weekend Edition-NYC 
Partying like in the year of 1999 is the motto.And the best of all: It’s FREE!
WHERE?:  149 7th Street,  Brooklyn, NYC
WHEN?: July 2nd, 10.00pm

2.Bryant Park Summer Film Festival-NYC
This is the right thing to come down a little bit in between of all the partying.It’s
mostly 80ies stuff ( and young Tom Cruise)!
WHERE?: Bryant Park, Midtown West, NYC
WHEN?: July 4th, 2016

3.Macy’s Fourth of July  Fireworks-NYC
   It’s a firework in New York. A huge firework. What else is there to say? They’re using
over 40.000 fireworks and it lasts for 25 minutes. I guess there is no way of ignoring this
event when you’re in New York. I guess the best spot to enjoy it is on one of the bridges
to Brooklyn. How about packing a little picnic…?
WHERE?: New York City (East River)


4.Huntington Beach Fourth Of July Celebration-LA
“Make your Fourth of July an all-day blowout by heading down to this legendary, long-running fest at the Huntington Beach Pier. The festivities kick off with the crack-of-dawn breakfast in Lake Park, followed by a 5K run and fitness expo. Walk the parade route to the beach from 10am til noon, and then put on your Uncle Sam hat for the Pier Plaza Festival, where you’ll find live entertainment, family activities and all-American eats. Scope out a spot or grab a VIP seat for the fireworks display at 9pm, which ends in an epic 500-round finale.” (by: Amanda Montell)
WHERE?: Huntington Beach Pier

5.All American 4th of July on The Queen Mary- LA
“Watch the Long Beach fireworks from aboard the Queen Mary, where you’ll be able to scope out concerts, family-friendly activities alongside patriotic-themed events. Each section of the ship will take inspiration from a different part of the US, so expect Nashville line dancing, a Coney Island circus, a game of Texas hold ’em, a New Orleans marching band, Hollywood-style DJs and a Hawaiian luau.”
(source: TimeOut LA)
WHERE?: On The Queen Mary


6.Go 4th On The River- New Orleans
To commemorate our 26th anniversary, the Port of New Orleans will bring out the General Roy S. Kelley fireboat and make a return appearance along the river, with its famed water show with plumes of red, white, and blue fountains beginning at 6:00 p.m. and leading up to the 9:00 p.m. fireworks show.”



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