Time Standing Still In Cuba

-” We need food”

We keep staring at the people walking by.
We’ve been sitting here for a while now. Obispo is quite full on sundays and we’re closer to the Capitolio than to the sea, though the plan was to go to the pier.
After a couple of minutes we continue our conversation.

-“And I hate mosquitos”
-“Me too.”
– ” If we make it to the pier there will be less of them.”
– “I know, let’s go. And let’s get some food.”

Though we all agree that where we sit is a stupid place and that we need food, none of us moves.
David claps his hands, trying to kill one of the annoying little mosquitos that sit on our legs and arms. Apart from that, we don’t talk. Today everything’s super slowly. I am not used to my Spanish friends being still.
After five more minutes of “people watching”, we start moving. Slowly we get up.
The weather is incredibly hot and there’s such a high humidity that half of the people walking by, look like they’ve just taken a shower. Only the tourists that have just a few day, keep on rushing around. Everyone else walks slowly, stands or sits around.
David is always the one moving first. Maybe also because he is also the one who gets really really mad when he’s hungry.
As soon as we start walking, the conversation starts again:
-“Do we really have to go that far?”
– “We should get some rum first, and some coffee.”
-” Yes that’s closer anyway.”


We got the coffee and we got the rum but it took us four more hours to get some food that day…





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