48 Hours In: Florence

Florence is not only the capital city of Tuscany, but also a metropolitan city. It is a dream for lovers of any kind of arts. If it’s architecture, paintings, music, theatre or whatever you like…you’ll find it in Florence for sure. Yes, Florence has everything you ever wanted to know about the Renaissance, but also from other ages. And still that city manages to be modern instead of old-fashioned.
There are numerous museums, churches and plazas you can visit, and there is so much interesting history that happened, that it’s hard to remember all the information you get.
But here’s Volume 2 from my “48 hours in…” articles.


So what to do when you got only two days to explore this amazing  city?
What to skip and how to save time?
I got this for you.


So let’s start with breakfast on day 1.
Italy is one of those countries where you don’t even have to worry. They love food, they have good food, and there will always be some food somewhere.
For breakfast they have also sweet stuff, so there might be some waffles,jam and juice and croissants and something like that. It’s a little bit hard for those who need their salty stuff in the morning, but if you’re also okay with sweets it’ll be heaven. And the coffee…just amazing…
Oh Gosh I got to stop myself from daydreaming about Italian food.

Let’s go on then. So when you go in summer Florence won’t be only super hot but also super full of tourists, I don’t even know if there is a good time for the big museums, but I guess it’s the best idea to go in the early-mornings. The most popular museum is the uffizi- gallery ( if there’s still time you can also do the Accademia). If you’re looking for some Leonardo Da Vinci’s or some Michelangelos, that’s the place to go ( apart from the churches of course).
By the way, you should get your tickets quite a while before you go there, otherwise it can be that you don’t get any anymore or it can be that you have to wait for hours in the line in the burning sun outside of the museum. And that’s not really a blast.
After strolling through the endless rooms of the museum, you’ll be ready for a cool drink and maybe some food. There are a lot of restaurants, cafés and bakeries around, where you’ll find anything to make you happy.
How about some real Italian Spaghetti or maybe some Lasagne for lunch? I personally thunk that the Lampredottos are quite good in Florence.
You can tell me whatever you want, but Italian food is and will forever be the best in Italy itself. They’ve simply got the magic.

As already mentioned, Florence has a very long and interesting past. The Medici’s came from there and always had their “main place” in Florence. Also Florence was THE place for banks and cloth. Yes cloth. They colored all the different types of fabrics and sold it in whole Europe. When you flip through the pages of a history book of Florence you’ll be surprised. There are great tragedies, a lot of money and murder, and complicated political intrigues on every page. For me this city is a bestseller.


Anyway, after visiting a museum in the morning, you’re probably not too much in the mood for a lot more information. So I suggest strolling around the streets, stop at places that look interesting to you and maybe get a little sneak peak of the cathedral and other churches. A point you should definitely pass though, is the world famous Ponte Vecchio.
Walk by the river, eat the delicious sweets they offer at every corner, and enjoy the flair.
There will be many houses that will impress you and maybe you can overhear some of the history from a tourist group that’s passing by. And: Enjoy the fashion!!
Florence is ranked in the top 51 fashion capitals in the world!


You will explore so much by walking through the city on your own, that you probably know exactly war you want to do the next day. But I’m still going to share my idea with you. Again, I would choose the morning to go to some exhibition or one of the many palaces. Mostly they offer tours in any language you can think of, and they’re trying to make them as interesting , informing and short as possible. If not you can still download one of those apps that exist for every city and every museum. ( Another idea is booking a night tour through Florence, everything is lighted up and you can see the city from a totally different and quite magic side).
And then do whatever your heart desires. It’s Italy. Live la dolce vita. Go and enjoy the buzzing street life and style or maybe find a quiet spot in the shadow to hang out. Also Italian people are super friendly and funny, there will be always someone you  can talk to and always someone who’ll be able to help you. And if you already got enough of Florence then why don’t you rent a Vespa, leave the city and discover the beautiful nature of Tuscany?
It is not possible to see all the churches and cathedrals, famous buildings, paintings and statues in only two days. So don’t feel bad if you skip some of the “must-sees”. Just enjoy your stay and feel the magic of summer in Italy. It’s still a holiday and meant to be fun and not a culture-catch-up-class.


Enjoy your trip, and let me know how your experiences in Florence were.
And if you’re interested in some fun literature about Florence or at least taking place in Florence, just comment and I can share a list of fun travel-books to read while you’re on your trip.


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