Short Note from Poland.

The last couple of days I saw a lot of Poland.
We had a family wedding somewhere deep deep in the polish countryside.
And when I say “countryside” ,I mean it.
I am talking about cows and bears and woods and villages.  A lot of green a lot of Polish and only a little internet connection. So I hope you forgive me for not posting.
Though I have quite a lot of family all over Poland I never really knew much about this place.
Now I realized, that right next door there is a country that can be as surprising and difficult as Uzbekistan or some other exotic countries.

A culture so different that- from time to time- I am having a hard time to understand it. More than just once I was thankful for my relatives explaining me some of it.
For example the ceremony in the church ( my cousin got married): not only didn’t I understand one single word of it, but also I never knew what would come next. From standing to sitting and sitting on the knees and then shaking each others hands and before I realized that we were praying it was already over. I can tell you, that hour was very long for non-polish guests. But also super interesting and of course beautiful.
As my internet is still awful and I am super tired from the party, I am leaving this post just how it is and telling you more about the Polish wedding and everything else about this short trip as soon as possible. Until then:

Keep on traveling and enjoy life!:)



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