8 Thoughts You’re Probably Having While Doing Yoga- Confessions Of A Yoga Teacher

Yes we all know that we should be concentrating on nothing but our breath and our body while doing yoga. And especially during the meditation phase.
But controlling thoughts can be so hard.
And the most horrible thing: Everyone else looks like they’ve just been enlightened and so calm that every tree would be jealous.
I have always thought that being a yoga teacher meant to be a great deal closer to total control of your thoughts. Turns out it isn’t.
Luckily it’s not only me who is still working on it.
So today I wanted to share some of the thoughts I sometimes have while doing yoga and you probably have while doing yoga.
Here we go:

  1. “How much can one breathe in one life?How can breathing this much be healthy?”
    Especially at the beginning I couldn’t believe how much you breathe while doing yoga. There’s always the “Inhale, exhale,inhale, exhale”.  And even though I have learned to appreciate it, sometimes I simply can’t believe it…yeah I even get tired of breathing. Please let my poor lungs rest!
  2. “I can’t even remember my last pedicure. I  should have painted my toe nails!”
    Especially while doing the downward facing dog or the Pashimottanasana you get a lot of time to inspect your toenails. That means a loooot of time to find faults and think over the nail polish you could use next time…
  3.  “Why do we even use mats?”
    Yoga requires a lot of sitting on the floor. But yaaay, we use mats. But who hasn’t wondered why? It’s not like this mat would make this floor-sitting thing any more comfortable or even cozy. And most of the time, every single bit of your body hurts anyway after a good session.
  4. “In how many different positions can one sit on the floor?”
    I guess, I don’t even have to explain…
  5. “Oh my Gosh I haven’t…” or “Oh yesss why am I sitting here, I am so inspired right now?!”
    Instead of thinking how wonderful I can breathe, sometimes my thoughts swift away and I think about my next blog post, or how I forgot to do the dishes and every book I haven’t read yet but always wanted to read.
  6. “Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. I don’t even see this stupid fly flying around and I don’t care how pretty the girl next to me is. I AM CONCENTRATED”
    Oh how many times have I tried it this way? Tried to be a totally good yogi. Not caring about the music from next door…being super spiritual and calm. I can’t even count them…

  7. “Why would one do this as a hobby and actually enjoy it?I AM LEAVING NOW!!!”
    When you get to the point where literally everything hurts and every second feels like you’re burning in hell you start to ask the big questions. For me there is always a lot of “Why?” Trying not to cry and promising myself to never do this stuff again…Well, still I always came back.
  8. “Do I look good? Is my shirt all sweaty and can one see through? Where did that woman buy those pants?”
    Yes yes, it’s not about the outside but about the inside. But sometimes it’s hard to turn these thoughts off.


Those are only a few of the thoughts that can keep you (and me) from focussing on the right thing. What I can say is, that I learn more and more everyday. Also meditation is not about the total control but about always catching your thoughts and come back instead of letting them go wherever they want to go. And some days are better and some days are worse. Just keep in mind you’re growing every day and it’s okay to not be perfect.
How were your experiences?

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