Lies To Make Solo Travelers Life A Little Easier ( For Your Own Safety).

Travelling can be dangerous sometimes. So here I collected some sentences for you, that might make your life easier and a little bit safer while you’re on the road.


“No, This Isn’t My First Time Here”

To tell locals that it is your first time in their country can be a fatal fault. Sure some of them will help you and might also make life easier but then there’s also that kind of people who will try to make as much money with you as possible. Also taxi drivers won’t tray to take extra long ways or make you pay double so they can get more money. They’ll take you directly where you want to go, and you might get some interesting insider information when talking to them.


“Yes, I have a Boyfriend”

Other countries, other flirt behavior. But the message ” I have a boyfriend” can keep you from a lot of unwanted attention. AND it isn’t rude. You’re not insulting anyone or giving them a bad feeling by telling this small lie. Also, it is good for your safety. People might have weird thoughts when they hear that a girl is traveling alone, but when you tell them you got a boyfriend, they are not interested to get in any trouble. Sure this lie might be more for the female solo travelers out there.


“Sorry, I Can’t Remember the Name of My Hostel”

Rule number 1. Where you live is nobody’s business. You don’t want strangers to knock on your door or walk you home. And in the worst case (happened to a Swedish girl I met in Cuba) get robbed. No thank you. When it comes to me, I can’t remember the name of the Hostel. Plus I don’t want to go to anybody’s cousins hostel because it is sooo much better. NO thank you. If someones a little too interested in you, make sure you put up a guard and be careful. You never know.

“No Speak English”

This sentence works with every language in any country. It’s to keep those from you who try to talk to you and sell you stuff though you’re simply not interested. better pretend to not understand a word and shrug the shoulders instead of starting an endless discussion.


“I’m Traveling With a Friend”

No, we solo travelers don’t have it easy sometimes.
This can help you in any situation, and safe you from activities you don’t want to do or places you don’t want to see. You’re not available for anyone and anything.


These are moments when I thought, these little life-savers could be useful:

  • Fending off unwanted advances. Everyone knows the struggle, and no ones in the mood for it, when on a holiday.
  • An easy out with persistent sellers: (for example, “Oh, I can’t buy that without consulting my husband, but he’s back at the hotel. Maybe we’ll come back later”).
  • An excuse not to join an activity that you don’t want to do—”Sorry, my friend is waiting for me at the hotel; I have to get back!”

    I know, this list sounds like everyone everywhere has only bad intentions, which is of course not the case. It’s not possible to NOT meet amazing people and find friends. But honestly, I’d rather be taking caution one time too much than one time less.
    Safe travels my friends!:)

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