Short But Sweet: Getaway Ideas Before The End Of Summer.

The end of summer is already near. Not long until we see the first leaves falling from our trees. So we’ve got to make the best of the last summer days we have left this year.
So how about some off-the-beaten-path getaways to celebrate these sunny times?
Today I got some getaway ideas that will definitely make you dream about leaving home one last time before you snuggle up in your bed instead of going outside.
Short but sweet summer weekends.

1.If you want to make it real simple and stay around home, why don’t you rent a small house or apartment to get a short break from your everyday life?
Most of the time you don’t have to get very far to appreciate the nature and see it from a whole new perspective. It doesn’t matter where you live, the getaway is right in front of your door.  There are a couple of websites that offer really nice places for weekend trips. How about spending sunday morning in a whirlpool? …Plus you have all you need, privacy and peace and quiet.
Or how about camping and taking some time off from all the noise and people out there.


2.There are literally cruises to “Nowhere” . All you have to do is hop on the boat and see where it takes you. Most of the time these nowhere-cruises are perfectly timed on weekends. 


3.How about being a tourist in your hometown?
You could do all the stuff that is known as ‘tourist stuff’ and try it out. You’ll explore your home completely new.
Also national parks are a great idea. And one positive point is: It’s not too hot anymore.


4. But not only nature is a welcome getaway these days. Other cities are adventurous and can be relaxing too. Now is the perfect time for places like New Orleans, Ljubiliana, Prague,Chicago, St. Louis, Amsterdam, Morocco, Copenhagen or Gothenburg. Though everyone knows that summers in the city can be really really awful, they can be great too. Especially by now. Now they have all these summer festivals, markets and (cultural) events that you can enjoy. So go for it!


5.Wander through your world. It only takes a backpack and good shoes. You can stop and start wherever you want and it doesn’t really cost much. Also you could grab your bike or go by car. there are no limits and you don’t have to get anywhere. Be flexible and forget about the everyday life. Enjoy the summer days, they are over soon enough.

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