What To Look Forward To This Autumn

Slowly slowly summer comes to an end.
The days are getting shorter and the sunshine is a little softer than a couple of months ago.
And yes we all are getting a little sad that we have to say goodbye to summer for so long (or at least all of us who don’t live in California or some other sunny places).
But good news.
Though we all think of rain and mud when it comes to autumn there are also a lot of positive points about that time of the year.
To make it a little easier for you to look forward to autumn I have collected some of them.



Imagine it is just the beginning of autumn.
The sun shines golden on the trees and the colorful leaves. Finally you can go outside without melting instantly and your dog will thank you for the longer walks you can take.
Also there is nothing like the fresh breeze that summer brings in so many ways.
Autumns is the time of the year when nature is bursting in colors.
Apart from the fresh air and the beautiful change of nature in front of our doors there are also other great things about autumn.
After three months of salad, ice cream and refreshers we can finally go back to normal food.
Eating warm food won’t cause a change of clothes due to sweating anymore.
And when we’re already talking about clothes. It’s time for the fashion weeks.
In only about one and a half weeks the fashion week in New York will open a whole new season. ( And yes the city is already driving crazy).
And honestly, I don’t know what to wear anymore.
I want to wear my sweaters, coats and cozy scarfs.
Though I will miss the sun like crazy, for this year I am done with hot pants and short dresses and suncream.
One more pro: you can say goodbye to mosquitos. And all kind of other creatures that you met in summer.


Another point is that I am in the mood for some other activities.
Being outside is great, but sitting at home and hiding from the world without feeling guilty can be nice too. Or how about puzzles, theatre or a Harry Potter marathon.
Grab a cup of tea and let’s go.
Also there are a lot of art galleries and museums that wait to be visited. Books to be read.


I know, spring is the time for changes and new beginnings but why don’t we have the same attitude when autumn comes?

For me, autumn is a welcome change this year. Yes there’s a little grief when I think of the end of summer, but I am just focussing on what I can do in autumn and what is coming up next for me.
I know, there are a lot of negative points in autumn too, but just keep the good things in mind.
Everything is cozier, but you can still go outside. It can be the time of the year for changes and you can get new ideas for next summer.
If we had summer all year long I guess we wouldn’t crave for it so badly and we wouldn’t know what to do with it all the time. Autumn is the time for dreaming, maybe about christmas or some of you even of the next summer holiday.
And there is no reason why you couldn’t go and travel in autumn too.
There are a lot of places that are much nicer ( and cheaper) when you go later in the year.
Plus, there is always a place on earth where the sun is shining, so when you’re really having a hard time without sun, there are far away places holding all the summer heat and sun for you.


All of that doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying these last days of summer or wish they end soon, but I am definitely welcoming autumn.
What do you guys like about this time of the year? Share your thoughts with me!




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