About Road Tripping Alone

A couple of months ago, I had to drive through Germany to get to my yoga teacher training.
Which was sort of my first all alone-roadtrip. So I went all by myself and though I first thought I’d be super bored and annoyed after some time, I enjoyed my little road trip.
I had all I needed in my car and I was absolutely free. I turned on some good music and just enjoyed the ride. I stopped where I wanted to stop and took all the time I needed. I wasn’t in a rush so I didn’t care about the traffic.
Instead of being stressed and finally wanting to get to my room, I was so relaxed that I couldn’t even believe it. I was one with the car and the road felt good and right. And even the one time I got a little bit lost was perfectly fine.
Being on the road all alone with your thoughts can be more calming and inspiring than you’d think. Since then I have travelled more alone (also because I now moved close to the dutch border) and I genuinely enjoy it. What are your experiences with road tripping alone?


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