Things To Do And Things That Are Done

When I opened my wordpress page today the first thing I saw were my statistics. After ignoring that they weren’t exactly motivating I realized how long I’ve been doing this now.  I started blogging in April. I thought I’d barely make to month two. You know the kind of problem with keeping doing things. I start, I get excited about it, I get bored or find excuses and then eventually I stop.
But blogging actually helped me going through with things. Okay, this sounds a little ridiculous regarding the fact that I moved from Gießen, to Dublin, to Gießen, to Kleve in two weeks but it is actually true.
September is now the 6th month that I’ve been doing this. Sure from time to time I am not  really inspired and have a hard time finding topics to write about, but still I refuse to stop. Maybe also because I read that most of the bloggers stop blogging in the first six months.
And I didn’t want to be one of them.
I started on a rainy day in New York. At that point I didn’t even have an apartment there and sat in a Hotel close to Central Park hoping for some miracle to happen.
Since then I have been to lots of different places and did so many different things that even I am surprised when I look back. I guess that’s one of these positive things about blogging. You actually get to remember and see what you did. People tend to make things they did look smaller and easier than they actually were and often feel like they didn’t really do anything. For once I know that I have achieved things, I know how I’ve grown and  I know how lucky I am. Also I start to find out where I want to go, which is a huge thing for me!


But then I also see other people who do great things every day and who have done huge projects this year and still feel like that they’re not doing anything at all. That everyone else does things better.
I was one of them. I guess it’s a problem of our generation.



At the beginning of the year I wrote a list of things that I wanted to do.
There were small things like reading this or that book and bigger things like moving to NYC. And actually I can say that I did most of the stuff I wanted to do and the year is not over yet!


So I would love to add some things to my list and get a little inspired. I would love to hear your ideas on what I should do before this year is over and what you have on your list.
Or how about a list that is full of things you’ve already done?
Well that’s it for now, have a great day!



7 thoughts on “Things To Do And Things That Are Done

  1. dieser Artikel betrifft wohl viele Blogger,auch ich bin ein Blogger-Anfänger und lerne jeden Tag dazu.
    Beruhigend zu lesen das es nicht nur mir so geht.Also nicht aufgeben….weiter so……alles wird gut

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    1. Schön zu hören, dass es anderen auch so geht. Das hatte ich zwar auch schon vermutet (deswegen unter anderem der Beitrag) aber es macht einem doch nochmal Mut das so von einem anderen Blogger zu hören. Vielen Dank und dir noch viel Freude, Glück und Erfolg mit deinem Blog und ich freue mich auf weitere Beiträge:)

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  2. Hey! 🙂
    Ich finde Deinen Blog sehr inspirierend und wundervoll gemacht, weswegen ich Dich für den Versatile Blogger Award nominiert habe!
    Du bist toll!
    Ganz viel Liebe und positive Energie,
    Frederike x

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