There’s Chaos And I Love It!

Regarding my studies I took a decision concerning my organisation.
Those who know me know that I am not exactly what you call an “organised person” or someone who has everything under their control at all points.


But I thought this is a thing I am simply going to change.
My life would change.
As I am a huge fan of To-Do-Lists I decided that a plan and some simple rules might be a good idea too.
So I got all organised, wrote down the steps of how and when I would work and what projects should be finished by what time. I even used different colours to mark the really important points. And I was keen on living a super organised life!

One of these rules said, that I should stop working on hundred of different texts at the same time, but finish one project before I start a new one.
Well, what shall I say?
The outcome of this is a month of almost no publications, no finished article and thousand lost ideas.
Experiment failed, I’d say.
I guess this whole one-after-another thing isn’t working for me.
At least I tried.
It was never so hard for me to develop an idea and write an article as in this time. Usually I just start typing. I create a huge amount of texts, lots of it ends up being deleted or hidden in a corner where I can’t find it again.
But ever now and then I get in a flow and before I even know what’s happening I have an article that is not even that bad.
Of course I try a lot of different ways of writing, it also depends on my creativity and time and not everything I produce and publish is good. But at least I get to finish an idea.
Having to work on only one topic totally blocked everything. It was awful. I don’t know how many times I deleted what I wrote…frustrating! And being frustrated makes everything worse! Plus you have the pressure to finish something until a certain date. It was no more fun thinking about writing.
I was reading a lot, trying to take notes and make a plan of how my article should be structured.

I usually take notes for long articles and usually I have an idea of how it should be structured (of course this is necessary sometimes), but having structure before content is not a good idea. It took the whole blockade thing to a completely new level.
So today I was reading this article about Juli Zeh, a German writer and former lawyer. In an interview she described her writing habits and it actually sounded a lot like me (before I got the stupid ‘get organised’- idea).
Now I am sitting here, just typing and I’ll see where this will end.
I feel comfortable with writing again. I feel more creative and I am happy that I can just work on another project when I feel like doing so. It’s alright that my ideas take their time and that I sometimes need a change of ideas in between.
So far there is a difference like day and night between what I just write and what I’ve planned for days.
Instead of stressing about not getting to finish something (and losing time while doing so) I just keep on doing what I do and what I love as long as I can do it my way.


How are you getting your work done and do some of you have good tricks to organise things without blocking yourself?
I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts on that!
Have a good day!

3 thoughts on “There’s Chaos And I Love It!

  1. Everyone needs to find their own way–self-help books can only go so far. I’m glad that you found a style that works for you and were able to view this as an experiment!

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  2. By the way, while reading Adam Grant’s book “Originals” (I bought it for Lea as a birthday gift), I came across a section on the “Zeigarnik effect” (page 99) in which he describes something like what you mention.

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