Getting Out

Through my work I have been growing ever since I started.
But not only did it do good. I developed a fear of not being able to fulfill the expectations or to lose people along the way. Which is an inevitable thing.
So I started to limit myself, and I didn’t even realize it. Back when I started I had the freedom to do and write whatever I wanted because I hadn’t found my niche yet. Later it felt like I had to write about my personal experiences and then I only focussed on travel experiences, especially to unusual places.
A thing, that is completely unnecessary. How much did I enjoy looking for new topics and things to write about? to discover the world, new things, share the love and ideas I had found.
Finding myself now realizing all of this, I am filled with a feeling of relaxation. Once you know where the problem lies, you can start to work on it. It actually feels like some burden is off my shoulders.
Who did I want to make happy with this? Probably lots of people, which is still a thing I will try to do. But most important is, that it makes me happy. That I don’t lose the joy and passion in something that seemed most natural for me forever.
That I limit myself in writing is probably a strong sign, that I do this in other parts of my life too. Honestly I think, this would be a pity. So much I would be missing out. Either good or bad things.
I will try and change this. In fact I have decided to do somethings that’s usually not my type of thing at least once a month. So maybe I will find myself watching a cheerleader performance in a month? Whatever I may think of it, most importantly is, that I overcome some of my self set (and unnecessary) limits, to get out of my own comfort zone,

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