A Morning in Beaulieu-sur-mer

Imagine getting up and looking out of the window. What you see are the warm and soft sun-rays of an early morning and you know it’s going to be a beautiful day. You open the window and step out on the balcony. It’s warm but it’s not too hot yet, so you take a deep and clearing breath. You close your eyes and feel a soft breeze going through your hair and touching your face.
You hear birds singing their songs. When you open your eyes you see mountains to your left. High mountains which have incredibly beautiful houses just on the cliffs. You see the wild nature, the trees, the cactuses, the flowers. It is wild.
When you look to your right you can see the ocean and when everything is silent and you’re concentrating, you can even hear it.
The thought of the ocean is so enchanting that you put on your swimsuit and take the five minute walk down to the beach. No one is on the streets yet. The town was just about to wake up.
The first croissants were being sold, and the little market store was just putting out the fruits and vegetable for the customers of the day. The smell of an untouched morning is in the air.
As you walk, you pass a lot of different flowers and plants. Between the palm trees and cypresses there are waterfalls of pink flowers coming down the stone walls that hide beautiful buildings behind them. You sense a smell of jasmine and as you try to find the source of it, you find a garden with trees of jasmine and bushes with little orange and yellow flowers blooming right next to a tree with blue and purple flowers. You try to capture the powerful colors in your mind. The longer you look, the more different colors and nuances you can find and you take your time to celebrate this beauty.
The sun is getting stronger with every minute and your skin heats up with it. You keep on walking and as you turn in the corner you see the beach. But most of all you see the glittering sea right in front of you. A small bay in between mountains with lots of vegetation on it. Now you hear the ocean clearly and the closer you come, you also smell the salty water.
You’re alone. You walk down the stairs onto the stony beach. The little stones massage your feet. They get in between your toes and you have to smile. Inside, you’re even singing.
You cannot wait a minute longer, you chose a spot to put you stuff down and place your towel and then finally make the first steps towards the turquoise glittering water. Soft waves touch your feet and caress you.
You realize that the water is-despite the time- quite warm, so you start to take bigger steps until you finally just jump in. Water sprinkles in your face and you have the salty taste in your mouth. The water is cooling your body, but not so much that it feels uncomfortable. It feels fresh and nice. You turn around and see the beach. Still there is no one there. You make strong movements further away from the beach. You look at the palms and the first joggers that are walking by. And you feel so far away, so still.
You keep on swimming further. Every now and then there is a big stone in the water where you can stand on. You take the chance as you feel a very soft stone underneath you. You’re just breathing and listening.
On the one hand there is the endless ocean, on the other side, there is a new day starting. You realize that this day is all yours. As you look up to the perfect blue skies you see two little birds flying by. They look almost like little parrots. Maybe lovebirds. They are light green and yellow with and orange and red face.
And once again you try to capture this moment just for yourself.
The water, your feet on the soft stone. The noise of the sea and the far away people. But most of all, you try to memorize the colors. The emerald colored trees, the water in every nuance of blue, green and silver that you can imagine. The flowers that have all colors from white, red, orange and blue to pink.

Now you see more people getting to the beach. And you decide that it’s time to go back. You swim all the way back. Sometimes normal, sometimes you’re just floating and relaxing in the water. You start making plans for the day, as you feel all the energy going through your body.
Once you’re back you feel the small stones in between your feet again, as you walk towards your towel. You just lay down and close your eyes. You’re listening to the world around you again.
The sun is covering you like a blanket, -warm and soft and your mind wanders off to some day dream. As you wake up, you realize that you’re getting hungry.
You stay a little longer and watch the ocean, but once you managed to get up, you slowly make your way to a small café and order a coffee and a croissant au chocolat.

It tastes just perfect. The coffee is soft in your mouth and the croissant is so light, as you only get it in France. It’s sweet but not too sweet. You enjoy every single bite of it and although it wasn’t too big, when you’re done you’re satisfied.
Now it’s time to make your way back home. The day has now started for everyone.





Hey! I hope you liked my little “dreamtrip” to the Côte d’Azur.
If you read this to someone with eyes closed, this will be super relaxing.
Just let me know what you think.
If you want to see and read more about my home in France, just let me know in the comments. If you would like to see pictures you can have a look at the last post before this one or check out my instagram ( @tamarafatum).

Have a beautiful weekend!

X Tamara

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