Care Packages and Helping The Victims of Irma

This monster, that is bigger than Ohio, is considered to be the strongest hurricane ever in the Atlantic.

plid_2525_Beach_plid_2525_Scenery_2245249623_fbe0306380_o anguilla_3_caribya_colossal.jpg
The paradise of Anguilla before the storm.

Again too many people are victims or are becoming victims of another uncontrollable catastrophe. Irma is something unfathomable that is still a huge threat for a lot of people.
Having heard about Irma about 3 days ago, I have been closely watching the development and checking every new information that was given.
Also until today (Wednesday the 5th of September) I was in touch with a good friend of mine and former roommate Mani.
He is from the island of Anguilla and has spent summer back at home. During the last couple of days people of Anguilla had to face the fact that this hurricane was going to be worse than any other hurricane, any of them had witnessed so far. Completely left alone by the U.K. Government which failed to prepare anything in order to help the Anguillians.

The fear on the island was growing and all possible preparations were made to be,as Mani said: “as prepared as it gets”. 

Anguilla, an island that has faced many hurricanes, did not know how to make it through this one.
And the worst case scenarios were becoming reality bit by bit.
Following the development of Irma and its consequences I couldn’t sit still all day long.
My dear friend and many of his beloved were in fear of things that I could never imagine to happen to me and my home.
So I have been thinking of possible things I could do to help. Sending people my love and prayers and telling them that I was there for them. That it was going to end.
Trying to not focus on the fact that many people might be without electricity for about 4-6 months and other severe problems. You all know it already from Harvey: Flooding, broken infrastructure etc.
And more bad news: There are two more hurricanes to come: José and Katia.

Both scheduled for this weekend and probably hitting the leeward islands again. 

Then I wanted to get active.
Now I am at a point, where a good friend of mine and I are starting to prepare everything for care packages for Anguilla and all the other small islands that aren’t that present in the news. Since they are too small to make headlines. Anguilla and St. Martin have been in the eye of Irma and still most of the news were about Florida.
Looking for a good organization where we could make donations for these small islands, we were left alone. The BRC hadn’t yet started the fundraising.
So instead of donating 10 EUR we wanted to take action ourselves.
For now we are still working out the details for the care packages. Many people have already mentioned that they would also like to donate something.
If that is in terms of  an old book (in French or English), clothing, hygiene products, medicine or anything else you think that might be needed is all up to the donators. Also blood donations are very needed.


Now I would ask ANYONE who reads this or comes across this blog to help me, my friend and especially Mani from #Anguilla in order to help the small leeward islands and islands close to it with the hurricane relief. Otherwise they don’t get a lot of attention on the media. Help is needed and people are thankful for every little thing.🙏🏽

During the next couple of days I will try to make a list of possible things you could donate. Most of us have so many things at home that we don’t really need that there is definitely something everyone can do.
If you already know that you would like to donate something ( if that’s money or rather things ) please just contact me on private messenger, email ( or via instagram (@tamarafatum) and we will talk about further options.
All of the donated items will go to the leeward islands.

 As soon as it is possible I will be posting about how the delivery to the #leewardislands is working and from the people that get the donations.

I know this is not a typical blog post and maybe it is an unusual and daring question to ask people. But I hope that one day, when I am in a situation like this, people will try to help me and I know that I will not live in vain if I can ease ones pain.
If you should feel uncomfortable sending your donations to me, I will put several links of different organizations further below.


One of the possible organizations to turn to, is the British Red Cross…


Links to other organizations:
British Red Cross- Hurricane Relief

Irma Relief

Leetchi-If you want to start your own fundraising..

Habitat for Humanity

If you have a heart for animals, spcai is right for you!


….and many more!


Thanks for all the help!








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