7 Things You Could Put In A Care Package

If any of you out there, realize that I am here, you probably also know, that I have been trying to start collecting donations for the leeward islands. In my post Care Packages and Helping The Victims of Irma- Do Not Live in Vain I have been talking about ways to help and also I said that I was going to post a list of possible things you could do, if you want to help the victims of Irma.
Now, with two more hurricanes to come and again probably hitting the leeward islands, it is really time we start doing something. I know, I keep repeating myself… so let’s just get started.
What could you possibly pack for people in need?


    Well, since water and food are desperately needed, this is always a good idea, though admittedly not easy. Plus a lot of organizations that are closer to the affected  areas will probably take care of this. Still, if you want to send something like this, it will be needed for sure!
    It’s really the small things. We don’t spend many thought on how many hygiene products we are using every day, but when you think of it, it’s quite a lot.
    We are speaking in terms of soap, diapers, tampons, disinfectants, etc. etc.
    Y’all know where I am going with this. So next time you go to the grocery store, just stop by the hygiene products a little longer and pack an extra pack of whatever you are buying.
    In all this chaos, we tend to forget that especially small children have a lot of needs that they can’t hold back as easily as a grown up can.
    As already mentioned, diapers are a good idea, but also baby food, milk powders, baby clothing,toys, blankets….

    Okay, so this might not be as easy, but of course also medicals are needed.
    If this means dressings and first aid kits, aspirin, ibuprofen, dextrose ( for diabetes),
    disinfectants or plasters, vitamins…
    Everything is gone, so you can be sure whatever you send will be needed.
    Just so you know what I am talking about:
    It’s the tools you never use to build something yourself anyway, its also the clothes you haven’t worn in years or the stuff you or your children grew out of, it’s the toys no one has given a look in years, it’s a puzzle, or maybe the old pillows you don’t use anymore.The bag of cat food your cat will never be finishing because she has changed her mind about it…
    The list is endless…

    Of course sometimes we’re talking about pretty big objects here, so rather than trying to put a chair into a care package, find out about local organizations that are looking for donations. In this special case of Irma, organizations like the Red Cross, help the children or unicef might be right to talk to.

    It might sound a little bit ridiculous to think about how business is supposed to go on, when there aren’t even buildings left, but how are you going to organize everything without pen or paper?
    Also do not forget about all the schoolchildren that were supposed to have their first day this monday…
    There are books, pencils, blocks, crayons, highlighters, etc. etc. and SWEETS of course!
  7. MONEY
    NOT to be put in a package. Just transfer the money. Before you do so, you should of course look into trustworthy organizations, where you know the money will actually be used for what it was intended for.


And last but not least LOVE!
If you actually want to pack a care package, you might also want to write a small letter. Give them words of hope or just let them know who you are and that you care and that they are not left alone. Kind words in dark times have a lot of power. 



If you are not sure where you should send your care package, but you still want to help, don’t hesitate to contact me. Also if you’re worrying if your help gets in the right hands,
a friend of mine who lives in Anguilla ( and who was directly affected by Irma) will probably be very happy to let you know where your support has arrived and made someones’ life better.
So feel free to get in touch with me through the comments, via email (tamarafatum@me.com) or via instagram DM (@tamarafatum) and we will make sure your help arrives where it should.
Also we can look for trustworthy organizations together.

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