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Positive Words On Travelling Alone

The last couple of months I realized how important it is to surround yourself with positive people.
You know how often I have heard: “Do you really think this is a good idea? ”
“Do you really believe that this is going to work?”
“I don’t think that this is the right thing to do. ” ;”I would never do that.” ;”Let’s see if this will work, I don’t think so”.
And even though I didn’t realize it but when people said it, it actually discouraged me.
Because deep down inside there is this little voice that keeps telling me to do the things how I am supposed to do them.To do what people expect from me. It’s not that I do crazy stuff, but also I don’t do what people thought I’d do.
Latest example: Becoming a yoga teacher. A lot of people that have known me for quite some time weren’t only surprised but also pretty sceptic. Actually openly telling me that it was weird. I understand if it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.
I knew that these reactions would come and so I didn’t tell anyone about my plans to become a yoga teacher in the first place.
Which was a mistake.
Why not tell them? Why would I care about their opinion? Would I let them convince me not to do it?
I don’t know.
But then there are also so many people who encouraged me and who told me that they felt inspired by what I do. And this is worth so much more.

And now a little pep-talk to all of you who travel alone. Especially to the girls and women:

It’s fine. You can do this. A lot of women out there do it. A lot of guys out there do it.
You’ll find inner peace and you’ll find joy and beauty and you’ll meet amazing people.
You won’t be alone. And you’re not a loser or a weirdo just because you decide to leave everything behind for some time. Actually I think that traveling alone grows you as a person.
You don’t need anyone. You can decide who will accompany you and who will share this road and memories with you.
You don’t have to explain or make excuses or look down at your feet and say: “I didn’t have a choice.”
Remember the saying: “Great minds think alone.”? Don’t be afraid to do so.
You can be proud. It’s a great adventure. Sure, traveling alone is tough sometimes, but it gives you so much back.
Whenever I feel down, I think back and remember all the beautiful people I met.
Who inspired me, and actually truly believed in me. Without them I wouldn’t be here, writing this blog or writing for the newspaper. They taught me so much. Made me appreciate so many things…under their eyes I partially re-invented myself (at least that’s what I feel like on some days, and on the others I believe that everything is just as it used to be:D).
I have lived and worked with people who love what they do and conquer the world day after day.
I talked to people that were so inspiring, that I am still fascinated.
And I have met people who regretted a lot. All of them have taught me important lessons.
Still I have a lot to learn ( and I’m sure there always will be), and I have to grow.
But I have made first steps.Towards myself and towards a little bit more happiness every day.
Sometimes I am scared that those critical voices are going to get me again or that I stop listening (which is practically stopping to learn).
So if you feel like that:get yourself a little space from those people. Go out there. Talk to people who live their dreams.Talk to people who actually truly believe that you’re great and who are showing you that you are doing good. Talk to people who ell you climb the ladder instead of pulling so you stay at the same place.
I always thought that these happy people are rare and that one can only find them in magazines. But that’s not the case.

That’s already it for today. I hope you liked that short post full of positive thoughts. Keep on doing exactly what you feel like doing.;)